BORO*ATELIER is a textile production atelier with a mission: to make the textile industry more social and sustainable!

Created by Celia Geraedts and Lotje Terra


Socially responsible textile production aimed at guiding participants towards paid work or a next step!

This is how we try to combat poverty in Amsterdam. Because children still grow up in poverty, 1 in 4 in Amsterdam and 1 in 9 country-wide. The most efficient and sustainable way to combat poverty is to get back to work and get off welfare.

BORO*ATELIER offers a special training course to long-term job seekers and/or refugee status holders. The course teaches participants our crafts: sewing, screenprinting and of course dyeing textile. But we also offer on-the-job Dutch language lessons. Together with the participants, we find out how to best help them grow and reintegrate.

The objective of this track is to guide participants towards a paid job, either at BORO*ATELIER or with a fitting employer from our network.


Natural textile production aimed at making the textile industry more sustainable!

The textile industry is second only to oil in terms of how much contamination it is causing in the world.c. Toxic, synthetic dyes are largely dumped in the natural environment unfiltered and in so-called fast-fashion countries the rivers colour along with the fashionable colours of the season. During the production process and when washing these textile products, toxic substances end up in nature and in our drinking water. Plus our skin, the largest organ of the human body, absorbs these harmful, toxic substances when we wear the textile, cover ourselves with it while we sleep or use it to dry ourselves off after a shower.

BORO*ATELIER offers the solution by dyeing textile in a unique way that is non-toxic and consumes less water! This natural dyeing process is a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because the ingredients are sourced from plants, roots and minerals which makes them biodegradable.