Custom-made BORO*ATELIER products.

Choose one of the natural colors and supply your own logo or graphic print for a personalized product. A beautiful gift for your staff, a memento of an event or a fine and sustainable business gift.

Sustainable custom made BORO mouth masks, dyed with natural pigments in our colorful natural paint factory. Prepare yourself, your staff or your business relations to go out safely with a custom-made mouth cap.

The BORO mouth masks can be ordered from 150 pieces with a personalized silkscreen print.

The BORO mouth masks are made from a double layer of organic cotton, GOTS certified. A natural colored exterior and fresh white on the inside, with two elastic bands that go over the ears.

*Indigo blue
*Madder pink
*Sunny grey
*Teal green

-From 150 pieces: 9.95 per piece
-Costum-made print: 2,- per piece