Especially for G-Star the BORO*ATELIER hand dyed a small series of shoes, halftone blue with natural Indigo and completely pink with madder.

Levi's Made & Crafted

Screenprinted Tote bags with natural Indigo Ink for LEVI'S MADE & CRAFTED.


Especially for NOVÈMBRE, the BORO*ATELIER developed a number of new natural color samples.

King's of Indigo

BORO*ATELIER extended the denim pockets of the women’s pants for The #EqualPockets Collection by Kings of Indigo.


The BORO*ATELIER developed a number of new natural color samples especially for Lovely Lane.


Especially for BANDANA • BANDIDOS, the BORO*ATELIER developed a number of new natural colors. printed with natural inks.

Tenue de Nîmes

BORO*ATELIER dyed a small series of shoes with the beautiful natural pink of madder for Amsterdam-based store Tenue de Nîmes. Only fifty pairs of these Converse Chuck 70 ‘Pink Berry’ by Tenue de Nîmes were made

King's of Indigo

For the sustainable denim label Kings of Indigo, BORO*ATELIER dyed laces and wooden bracelets blue using natural Indigo.

Merz b. Schwanen

Manual stencil printing of T-shirts with natural indigo ink, mild to the skin and toxic substance-free.

Swift & Roe by Riley Salyards

For Riley Salyards, BORO*ATELIER produced a stuffed bunny called Roe. A companion made of naturally dyed linen combined with ears and accessories made of antique fabrics that are upcycled to create new bunnies

Tenue de Nîmes

For the Amsterdam-based store Tenue de Nîmes with a passion for ‘pure blue’, BORO*ATELIER dyed a small series of shoes with natural Indigo.


For the slow fashion children’s label Sep7ember, BORO*ATELIER produced a series of children’s scarves. Every single scarf is unique and made of vintage wool that is upcycled to create a new product: zero waste!

Merz b. Schwanen

Hand-dyed T-shirts with natural indigo, mild to the skin and toxic substance-free.


The safe-to-suck-on baby essentials by BORO*MINI are hand-crafted at BORO*ATELIER! This natural dyeing process offers a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because the pigments are sourced from plants, roots and minerals which makes them biodegradable. Just what a sensitive baby skin needs and what a baby can safely suck on because YES, babies will literally put anything in their mouths. These remarkable, natural dyes ensure a clear and safe colour pallet that can be washed at 40 degrees! Pretty convenient if you’ve got a baby (-;

Social, Sustainable & Natural Textile productions

BORO*ATELIER is the first sustainable & social textile production workshop in western Europe that sews, dyes and prints textile at a small scale using natural pigments based on plants and minerals.