Custom-made BORO*ATELIER products.

Choose one of the natural colors and supply your own logo or graphic print for a personalized product. A beautiful gift for your staff, a memento of an event or a fine and sustainable business gift.




Face masks with your own logo or other print. Make yourself, your staff and business relations ready for “the new normal” with customized face masks. A perfect present to your employees, addition to the corporate clothing or a nice and sustainable promotional gift.

The face masks are made with a double layer of organic cotton, GOTS certified. On the outside they are coloured with natural dye, on the inside they are freshly white. Completed with over-ear elastics.

The customized face masks can be ordered starting from 150 pieces. By clicking on the order button you can send us your desired colour and digital file of your print. You will receive an email with a digital example of the facemask with print. It is also possible to order an example face mask (without print). Satisfied? Then you will receive the payment details and we start with production!

The face masks can be ordered in the following standard colours:

Indigo blue light & dark
Madder pink light & dark
Sunny grey
PiecesDyedPrintDyed + print
1 (example)€ 10,45 p.p.xx
150 - 500€ 9,95 p.p.€ 9,95 p.p.€ 11,95 p.p.
500 >€ 9,45 p.p.€ 9,45 p.p.€ 11,25 p.p.

The prices are based on a print in 1 colour in one of the standard colours, excluding VAT and shipping costs. Looking for more customisation and more colours?

Please let us know. We will gladly tell you what the possibilities are!